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Indulge in the delicious taste of our top-rated Cashew E-Liquid Vape Juice by DIYVapeLiquid. Made with care and quality ingredients, this premium e-liquid offers a rich cashew flavor that’s sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting out.

Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy our high-quality e-liquid. It’s affordable and available online, so you can stock up on your favorite flavors without leaving the comfort of your home. Treat yourself to the best with DIYVapeLiquid’s Cashew E-Liquid today!



> This is a Water-Soluble Heat-Resistant Flavouring concentrated!
It cannot be vapor!
It cannot be vapor!
———NO PG! NO VG! NO NIC!———
———NO PG! NO VG! NO NIC!———
———NO PG! NO VG! NO NIC!———
It can be used with “Ethanol”, “Propylene Glycol”, “Water” diluted use, it cannot be diluted with oil!

Please purchase after fully understanding the product. THANK YOU!!!



> Recommended percentage: 5-20%

> Recommended steep time: 3-7Days

> 10mL 30mL 100mL in Bottle


> This is a concentrated flavouring to be mixed in DIY liquid. It is not to be vaped without diluting. All flavour concentrates are PG based.

> Due to ship and tariff issues, the product without a box and label!


> We suggest mixing most concentrates at approximately 5-20% initially and then adjusting to your personal taste.


> There can be noticeable colour differences between different batches of the same flavour. This is a natural result of the flavour manufacturing process.

> Store in a cool, dry, dark place away from other foodstuffs, children and pets.

> Ingredients: Natural and/or artificial flavouring, suspended in Propylene Glycol. Diacetyl free, Acetoin free and Acetyl Proprionyl free.

This is just a “Water-Soluble Flavor Concentrate”



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