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Try our CHENPI Flavor Concentrated e-liquid by DIYVAPELIQUID, packed with delicious fruit flavors! Made with care and quality ingredients, this premium vape juice is perfect for fruit flavor lovers. Enjoy a tasty and satisfying vaping experience with every puff. Elevate your vaping game with DIYVAPELIQUID’s CHENPI Flavor Concentrated e-liquid today.



I’m just Fragrance/Aroma/Smell/Taste/Essence/Spice/Flavor Concentrated!!!






> Recommended percentage: 5-20%

> Recommended steep time: 3-7Days

> The taste of dried tangerine peel, known as chenpi in Chinese, is unique and complex, combining sweet, sour, bitter, and pungent flavors. It has a rich and earthy aroma with hints of citrus and a slightly woody note. The flavor is both refreshing and warming, with a slightly bitter aftertaste that leaves a lingering sensation on the palate.


> This is a flavouring concentrated to be mixed in DIY liquid. It is not to be vaped without diluting. All flavour concentrates are PG based.

> Due to ship and tariff issues, the product without a box and label!

> We suggest mixing most concentrates at approximately 5-20% initially and then adjusting to your personal taste.


> There can be noticeable colour differences between different batches of the same flavour. This is a natural result of the flavour manufacturing process.

> Store in a cool, dry, dark place away from other foodstuffs, children and pets.

> Ingredients: Natural and/or artificial flavouring, suspended in Propylene Glycol. Diacetyl free, Acetoin free and Acetyl Proprionyl free.

10mL in Bottle

30mL in Bottle

100mL in Bottle

This is just a “Water-Soluble Fragrance Concentrate”

You can D.I.Y. the following products:

Other concentrated additives:

Sweetener (sucralose):

Sucralose, is a kind of non-nutritive sweetener made from sucrose by replacing the hydroxyl groups of sucrose with chlorine atoms. has no calories, and has good heat stability and solubility.
It is the best companion for fruit flavor, not only can it enhance the aroma of fruit flavor, but also eliminate the bitterness caused by nic**ine and other additives.

Cooling agency (ws-23/ws-3):

The cooling agency WS-23/3 provokes a Fresh sensation, intense and similar to menthol. The WS-23/3 is a neutral additive without flavour. There is no taste of Mint but an intense fresh sensation. To be used with moderation depending on your taste.
It is recommended not to exceed 3%, otherwise it will increase bitterness and even damage your liquid.

WS-23 Irritation site: ORAL CAVITY (Create a ice cold feeling on the tongue and mouth)
WS-3 Irritation site: THROAT (Produce a sensation similar to smo*ing in the throat)

Ethyl Maltol:

Ethyl maltol, is a kind of flavoring agent and flavor modifier with a strong sweet-like aroma. to improve the flavor and taste of products.
Allowing the consequent bitterness of certain aromas and of the nic**ine. The advised dosage is 1 drop for 1ml to 2ml of base.

Ethyl Vanilline:

The Vanilline is the enhancer which heightens the flavours and allows the balance without de-naturalising. It softens and rounds the preparations. Oftenly used 2 to 6 droplets per ML. However, you should not take advantage of this as it can provoke a bitter taste with a high dosage. Recommended by fruity recipes (Banana), Gourmets, Drinks and Classics


The additive Acetyl Pyrazine is an additive which is highly concentrated, with a dosage of 1 to 2 droplets for 10ml. The Acetyl Pyrazine gives a Gourmet effect, type Smokey with DIY Preparations and can restitute notes of pop-corn or grilled hazelnut. Generally, utilised in Classic Gourmet and Gourmet Biscuit and Caramel recipes.

Malic Acid (SOUR):

The Mali Acid provokes a slight acid sensation. This additive gives a sharp and acidic sensation. It is very useful for candy and drinks such as Colas and sodas. It marries perfectly with Fruity Aromas.


Smooth Concentrate is a flavour softener, designed to round off harsh edges and create a smoother tasting liquid. This concentrate is designed to enhance other flavours and is not intended to be used on its own. will round out any flavours which are too strong and provides your mix with a thick, satisfying mouth feel.

Bitter Wizard:

Bitter Wizard is an enhancer of tastes which allow you to soften the sugar base (in particular Vegetable Glycerine). The Bitter Wizard is often utilised with the Classic Aromas.

What you seeing /purchase just “Water-Soluble Flavor Concentrate”



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