Smoke 80W Box Mod Electronic Cigarettes Kit Vape Pen 1600mah Build-in Battery with 2.5ml Tank Vaporizer Vapor Hookah E Cigarette


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  • Appearance: Box Shape
  • Built-in Or External Battery: Built-in
  • Short-circuit Protection Function: Yes
  • Overheating Protection Function: Yes
  • Low Voltage Alarm Function: Yes
  • Atomizers Identification Function: Yes
  • Nominal Capacity: 1600mAh
  • Material: Metal
  • Compatible Model: 80W vape pod
  • Model Number: 80W vape pen
  • USB Charger: Yes
  • Firmware Upgradeable: No
  • Display screen: Yes
  • Type: Others
  • Brand Name: SUB TWO
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: NONE
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Battery: 1600mah
  • 510 thread: vapes
  • vape smoke: Electronic Cigarette mod
  • shisha pen: Cigarette kit
  • vap: vaporizer kit
  • electronic pen cigarette: vaporizer pen
  • Vaper electronic: vaporizer pipe
  • Smoke Pen: mod vape
  • vape pen: Electronic Vaper
TXW80W Vape Kit 20W-60W-80W box mod with 1600mah Build-in Battery 2.5ml Smoke Pen Hookah e cigarette Vappr kit
Product Name:TXW 80W Kit
Tank Capacity:2.5ml
Battery Capacity: 1600mAh
Output Wattage:Adjustable 20W/60W/80W
Resistance Range:0.5ohm
Filling Type:Top filling
Airflow:Airflow control
Charging:USB charging
The Package:
1* TXW 80W Mod
1* TXW 80W Tank
1* User Manual
1* USB Cable

1.Six security designs
2.The atomizer is more wear-resisting because of it’sdeveloped with zinc alloy and stainless steel.

3.Smoking protection ,Low voltage alarm ,Short-circuit protection 
4.LED operation tips ,Automatic resistance identification ,Circuit overheat protection

1.Power on/offThe atomizer is powered on or off by pressing 5 times continuously in 3 seconds.
2.Charging tips:
these three power indicator lights are on under charging ,only the red light iswhen the battery power is 3.25V-3.55V,
the purple light would be on when the battery power3.55V-3.85V,
the blue light would be on when the battery power is 3.85V-4.2V,
the battery powerwould be full when the light turns into green after flashing 5 times.

How to change the atomizing core?
1.Unscrew the bottom of the atomizer anti-clockwise
2.Unscrew the core of the atomizer anti-clockwise
3.Screw down the new core of the atomizer clockwise
4.Screw down the bottom of the atomizer clockwise,thenthe atomizer can be reused.

How to add Tobacco Tar?
1.Unscrew the bottom of the atomizer anti-clockwise.
2.Add the tobacco tar along the glass wall
3.Don’t add the tobacco tar into the round hole
4.The oiling shall not exceed 2/3,then leave it alone in tenminutes after screwing down the base of the atomizer.







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